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. WE WILL OPEN ON 12th April


Freshwater taps & chemical toilet disposal  WILL always be available

Washrooms: : Washrooms will be OPEN  - Toilets & washbasins only. Hot water will be on.  One way entry/exit and alternate basins in use

Showers will be CLOSED - hopefully will open 17th May

Laundry/Dishwashing area: OPEN

Disabled / Mother & Baby Room:  OPEN but without shower

Reception/shop: One family unit in Reception at any one time. Paying by phone before arrival is encouraged.  We need to record names & addresses of ALL arrivals & visitors either in writing or via the Covid19 app

Play area: Parents are responsible for supervising their own children AT ALL TIMES to ensure

appropriate distancing, provide hand sanitization and other protection as required. Some

equipment may be closed.

The indoor games room will be closed

Pitches: Minimise your "spread" and park your car as part of a barrier

Because so much of a campsite is a shared location, it is in your interest to sanitize anything to

your satisfaction BEFORE you touch it and to wash/sanitize your hands afterwards.

This information is subject to change and more guidance will be given on arrival